What We Produce

MAVEN supply UHP/HP/RP Graphite Electrode with diameter 75mm-700mm for steelmaking and ferroalloy smelting.

UHP Graphite Electrode

Size: 300-750mm

HP Graphite Electrode

Size: 75-700mm

RP Graphite Electrode

Size: 75-700mm

Electrode Paste

Size: customizable

Learn More About Graphite Electrode

Efficient, sustainable, and cost-effective: choose our graphite electrodes for your production needs

100% Needle Coke

Take 100% needle coke as raw material on the production of UHP graphite electrode

Low Unit Consumption

Ensure low unit consumption to reduce end user’s production cost

Imported Raw Material

Imported needle coke brand: Conocophilips, Mitsubishi, etc.

Better Performance

Committed to improving product performance

Check The Specification of Graphite Electrode

With our graphite electrodes, you can achieve higher yields and improved quality for your products, while reducing overall costs.
Item Unit RP HP UHP
φ75-φ700mm φ75-φ700mm φ300-φ500mm φ500-φ700mm
Resistivity Electrode μΩm ≤ 7.0-10.0 5.8-6.6 4.8-5.8 4.6-5.5
Nipple 4.0-4.5 3.5-4.0 3.5-4.0 3.5-4.0
Modulus of Rupture Electrode MPa ≥ 8.0-10.0 10.0-13.0 10.0-14.0 10.0-14.0
Nipple 19.0-22.0 20.0-23.0 22.0-24.0 22.0-26.0
Young’s Modulus Electrode GPa ≤ 7.0-9.3 8.0-12.0 9.0-13.0 10.0-14.0
Nipple 12.0-14.0 14.0-16.0 15.0-18.0 16.0-19.0
Bulk Density Electrode g/cm³ ≥ 1.53-1.56 1.64-1.68 1.68-1.74 1.70-1.74
Nipple 1.70-1.74 1.75-1.80 1.78-1.82 1.80-1.84
C.T.E. (100-600℃) Electrode 10-6/℃ ≤ 2.2-2.6 1.6-1.9 1.1-1.4 1.1-1.4
Nipple 2.2-2.5 1.1-1.4 0.9-1.2 0.9-1.2
Ash Content % ≤ 0.3 0.3 0.3 0.3

See Our Graphite Electrode In Shipping

Strict management in testing resistivity, weight, checking appearance and packaging,
to ensure that all goods are delivered to customers in good condition.

Our Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

Comprehensive pre-sales, in-sales, and after-sales services to ensure a seamless customer experience, which offerings set us apart.

Pre-sale Service
  • Product consultation: Introduce various types of graphite electrodes to customers, providing information on their characteristics, advantages, and applicable scope.
  • Technical support: Provide technical advice on the use and maintenance of graphite electrodes, ensuring optimal performance and longevity.
  • Sample trial: Offer small-scale graphite electrode samples to customers for testing and evaluation, aiding in purchase decision-making.
In-sale Service
  • Order tracking: Monitor the progress of orders and proactively provide customers with status updates, estimated delivery dates, and other pertinent information.
  • Product quality inspection: Conduct quality inspections prior to shipment, ensuring products meet or exceed customer requirements and industry standards.
  • Transportation services: Provide transportation services, including freight, packaging, and insurance recommendations and support
After-sale Service
  • Product quality guarantee: Offer free maintenance, replacement, return, and other services in the event of quality issues with graphite electrodes.
  • Technical training: Provide technical training on the use and maintenance of graphite electrodes, empowering customers to fully utilize and maximize the value of their products.
  • Customer revisit: Regularly follow up with customers to gather feedback, assess satisfaction levels, and address concerns in a timely and effective manner.

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